waking up to the news of losing a legend in chadwick boseman is not a good way to start a weekend. chadwick will be mostly be remembered in the film industry for his role in black panther, 21 bridges ,all my children,law and order and CSI newyork.

chadwick boseman

as a legend during his tenure in all my children chadwick boseman raised his conserns on the script being racist for which he was fired from the role which was later given to micheal b jordan.


he was a big supporter of the black lives matter movement and will be missed for the role he played in the film industry.

chadwick boseman. Abcnews.go.com

cancer has robbed us anothe legend adding to its long list of victims but in GOD we will get a cure soon enough.

Is she a wife material?

A few days ago i was chilling with the boys as always on friday afternoons playing fifa on the play station console. obviously the topic of discussion was girls as is always where men gather.and by the way some of you will not buy into my theory that the gossip that goes around in a fifa den full of idle boys surpurses the gossip of housewives in a residential area or as some of us will like to call it them ‘wamama wa ploti’ .

source/ dreamtime.com

on that day we were discussing girl in our area that could make wife materials , and when i say wife material i mean a girl who can cook, wash, take care of children and a responsible woman .

thus the point am trying to raise here is that as long as we all would like to marry beautiful women we should consider the well being of our future issues(legally issues mean children ). is the woman you are considering to be you wife ready to take care of children . am not saying women should be left at home to take care of children because am not in any way a fan of female oppression but the impact that a mother has to the children is significant.

a woman who is always partying from day to day is not ready to take care of children and should not be afforded to be the priviledge mother.where will she even get time to cook for the children let alone guide them.

back to the main point men, inste3ad of marring someone because of looks marry a wife with brains , a wife material. someone who can cook, take care of you and your children (by the way this is a two way blade you should also take care of her). you should not marry a socialite who will cook rice for your childen the whole year because she has no idea what happens in the kitchen.

you should always be asking your self if the girl you are dating is a wife material or a socialite. and for your own good always take your time before settling down .and always treat your wife like a special being.

by the way this should also be a vice versa thinking women should also choose a husband material not just a person with balls.

husband and wife; returnofkings.com

friends by words but enemies by actions

a few days ago as i was sitting on my bed in a perfect afternoon which is not a common routine for a party addict like me but i had no option sinse i was broke and payday was due in a week . thats when something hit my depressed brain to check on my contact list for a friend who can lend me money .

Since i have more than five hundred names on my contact list choosing a few candidated who are likely to offer me a small loan or that was what my brain was thinking. i started calling the numbers one by one and texting some few others.

I shouldn’t tell you their answers but pretty sure i will tell you thet non of the 230 numbers i called and texted sent me even a cent . i cannot blame them since i dont know the kind of financial situation they were in but out of 250 people i call my friends there is no way all of them were broke at the same time .

This made me re-think why i was friends with thsese people why ihave been helping them when they were in need .

Facts remain to be facts and it not that all my friend were broke but they are not friends at all they are close to you for material benefits only. they are like devils out to finish you . these kind of friends are worse than the people you consider your enemies. you should valuate the people you call friend and actually be sure you will call them in time of need.

friends series /vox.com

It’s vulgar… How I met her

Flying Higher

He once dared me to have sex in a boat, just the two of us floating out on the water. So, we rented a boat and sailed out into the most passionate cruise of our lives. Since then we’ve made it a part of our relationship to please each other in the most unusual places. We once got into the movies and found seats in the back row, where I rode him hard while the rest of the movie-goers cheered the superheroes on the big screen.

He took me on a date with his business partner once and fingered me under the table while they discussed the stock market. Another time I wondered what it would feel like to have him inside me while the rain beat against my skin. It rained that night, so he took me out and flipped me over his Corvette and drove into me from behind while the rain poured.

That was when we decided to take our love high up in the sky.

When he boarded the plane, there was no smile of recognition when I showed him his seat. No one looking at us would have known we’d been dating for a year. He took an aisle seat at the back of the plane and took out a novel, which he started reading immediately after take-off. The three rows at the back were empty, and it seemed like he was floating in a sea of empty seats.

It wasn’t a coincidence that he had chosen this same overnight flight that was taking me back home. We had always wondered what it would feel like for him to hitch my short uniform skirt up to my waist and take me from behind, at 30,000ft. The plan looked possible now that he was returning from a business meeting abroad. It wasn’t a full flight, so I was hopeful.

His hand stroked my inner thigh during the first meal service. I saw the way his eyes followed me up and down the aisle as I did my rounds.

Then the cabin lights went out. That was my cue. I put on a black cardigan to cover my white uniform shirt so as not to draw attention.He grabbed me as soon as I got to him and I straddled him, my face buried in his neck, my knees straddling his hips, opening myself to him. He raised my short skirt and it gathered around my waist. He groaned when he realized I was naked underneath. I worked his belt and released his throbbing hardness and he swallowed a moan.

His tip found my entrance, and I rotated my waists as he guided himself into me until he was buried deep in my slick heat. I moved up and down slowly, trying to savor every delicious inch of his velvety hardness.

I slid down until he was buried to the hilt and slid up until he almost popped out of my tightness.

He took the lead and plunged into me again and again. He lifted my shirt and found my breast underneath before taking a ripe nipple in his mouth while my fingers played with the other nipple.

The tempo of his thrusts didn’t change, and as he plunged in and out of me, I squeezed him with my tight muscles, milking him. He cupped my bottom and pressed me down to his pelvis while he ravaged the deepest parts of me with wild, upward strokes. I could feel the stiffness of his whole body as my own orgasm approached. The excitement curled my toes when his strokes broke from the rhythm and became wilder and even more powerful.

I held the headrest behind him for support, biting down on my tongue as the orgasm tore through me.

Then his hot seed flooded my insides as he bucked, his eyes shining in the dark cabin, the powerful orgasm deflating his whole body until he fell back on the seat.

I heard footsteps coming to the back of the plane just then. I drew the cardigan tight around my body to conceal my uniform when a passenger walked past us to use the toilet. My boyfriend stroked my hand and smiled at me.

“So, how does it feel to be a member of the mile-high club?” he asked.

I stood up and gave him a smile.

“For a moment there I thought I was soaring,” I replied. Then I stood up and went back to work




Religion is a cult
Recently I got my self thinking about the difference between religion and a cult since there are more similarities than differences according to my little brain .
People tend to despice their friends and neighbours by spreading hate and stigma against them since they believe that their way is the only way . That they are the only beings that worship a supreme being .
In my village we grew up in a common argument between Catholic faithfuls and the Adventists on who worships and believes the real God and who worships on the correct bibilical ways of worship and the nature of norms and practices by these two churches. Of course as advents believed that Saturday is the correct day of worship according to the different versions of the Bible and the Catholics believe in Sunday being the Dominican day of worship as was introduced by paul in the new testament.
My comparison of religion and a cult arises in the kind of effort and belief that people have in their ways of worship hence most christians have a belief that Muslims are terrorists and most Muslims believe that christians do not worship the real supreme God. Only in cult do disciples of certain beliefs think that only their way is the right way .
The persecution of Christian by Muslims and vice versa not only in physical means but also by psychological means make these two religions look like cults rather than religions.
In Christianity all the denominations believe in one God and use one bible as a reference book 🙏 but since the in a procedural front they dislike what the other denomination does and labels their acts demonic.

people believe in their religions to the extent that they neglect their moral responsibilities. neglect their duties to nature . They neglect their duties to them selves in name of religion.

That makes us wonder what’s the difference between religion and cults?

Onchonga polycap


It’s Friday and usually this is the most irresponsible day all over the planet. Friday marks the beginning of a weekend and we all know what comes to mind . Drinks with friends, visiting our partners for man’s sweetest adventures and for those who never attended a literature class I mean ‘sex’ ,roadtrips,visits to the spa, visits to barber shops and even visits to brothels.

We all have that habit of saving all week just to have a smooth stroll into the weekend of Fridays.This being the first Friday of the month people are still loaded with renumerations from their jobs and side hustles (this includes money received from sponsors and sugar mummies). People could have been planning on hosting house parties and getting drunk 😂 with friends , visiting hottest clubs in town , and fornicating all night. Businesses could have been booming for club owners and prostitutes (including that particular group who go visit club’s without cash in their pockets waiting for someone to buy them drinks ) And when the sun rises tommorow friends could be telling us how we embarrassed out mighty selves in period of insolvency. Some of us could have woken up next to strange looking people who we cannot remember meeting. Dear Corona please go away and give us back our good days. Our irresponsible memories, our spectacular weekends and our shadowy flashbacks. I miss the way I struggled to remember how I got back to my house, I struggle to remember how I met the creature beside me

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Things I will tell my daughter

Things I will tell my daughter .
1) that no man can pay for her respect
2) that money should not be her dictator
3) that sex should not be used to repay favors or Request a favour.
4) that no man should disrespect her because of her gender, appearance, desperation or her achievements.
5) that she will always be a Queen.


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4,000 school girls pregnant in a span of two months. How did we get here? Where did the rain start beating us? I know you have heard all about it, seen the news, the memes and the downright truth. One thing about the truth it eventually comes out. It also gradually shows its colours. From the way I see it, the truth is, parents stopped parenting.

I am not quite elated on the subject involving children. And in this generation no one wants to bring forth a kid to suffer,so we stick to securing the bag first. Getting one’s finances in order before you reproduce a liability. Sounds like a good plan. But really its fear, fear of turning out to be a bad parent. Eventually I would want to become a parent heck I would not want to die alone. These few weeks of lockdown have…

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musicians should take advantage of this corona situation

since people are isolating  themselves in their houses during this covid-19 pandemic musicians should hit studios an releases many songs as people are not busy. they only stay indoors to listen to music and expand their online hobbies.

youtube videos will record an increase number of views during this period and that will help musicians to earn more



Cheater: diamond blasted by concerned fans

After a bitter break up with kenyan diva tanasha donne kenyans on twitter have blasted the tanzanian singer for being unfaithful

Rumor has it that diamond cheated on tanasha with his video vixen from his latest song jeje

Although both of them havent revealed the real reason behind the break up , past experience tends to show that diamond may have fallen back to his old habits.

We hope the will get back together soon.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Og9EAQUHy0Y Here is a vi

Diamond and tanasha